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2.7 inch E-paper Display - Revision D

2.7 inch E-paper Display - Revision D


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E-paper - the ultimate low power display solution! Add a 2.7" graphic display to your project that doesn't need any power to stay on, with this fully bi-stable E-paper display you only need to supply power when updating the display.

The display has an SPI interface and some extra control signals. The display module connects to a standard 14-pos expansion connector.

Revision D now includes a 26 pin Raspberry Pi connector, LM75 I2C temperature sensor and a 32Mbit SPI-NOR Flash chip!

  • Based on display EM027BS13
  • a-Si, active matrix TFT, Electronic Paper Display (EPD) panel
  • No of pixels: 264x176
  • High resolution - 117 dpi (0.217 x 0.217mm pixels)
  • Ultra low power consumption - due to its bi-stable nature, the EPD panel requires very little power to update the display and needs no power to maintain an image
  • Very wide viewing angle - near 180

Revision D Development board user guides and demo code:

Revision C Development board user guides and demo code:


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