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Primo Core is a low-power coin-sized version of the Primo, ideal for wearables.

The Primo Core is a compact Bluetooth device, using a Nordic nrf52832 chip with an integrated motion and environmental sensors. The low power consumption permits powering the Primo Core with a coin cell battery. The Arduino Primo Core can be mounted on a breakout board to extend its functionalities.

The Arduino Primo Core is the compact Arduino board developed in cooperation with Nordic Semiconductor. For the little dimension, the Bluetooth integrated and the Low Power the board is ideal for IoT world and in particular for the wearables. The Microcontroller used is the same of the Arduino Primo, the Nordic microcontroller nRF52832.

  • 10 digital input/output pins
  • 10 PWM (all digital pins)
  • 8 analog pins (from D0 at D7)
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • RGB Led
  • SWD connector (to program the board using an external programmer)
  • A coin cell battery connector
  • BLE interface
  • LED
  • NFC connector (to use an external NFC Antenna)
  • Reset buttons (to reset the microcontroller)
  • On/Off switch for powering the board

Technical specifications

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