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Electrolytic Super Capacitor 300F 2.7V

Electrolytic Super Capacitor 300F 2.7V


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  • Electrolytic Super Capacitor 300F 2.7V

This electrolytic super capacitor 300F 2.7V is a beast. Great for energy storage, the super capacitor can charge and discharge at a very quick rate compared to lithium batteries.

These SNAP-IN mounting super capacitors are characterised with small dimensions in relation to the capacity and low internal resistance. They are ideal to build supercapacitor batteries.

  • Capacitor type: electrolytic
  • Capacitor kind: backup capacitor, supercapacitor
  • Capacitor application: energy storage
  • Mounting: SNAP-IN
  • Capacitance: 300F
  • Operating voltage: 2.7V
  • Body dimensions: Ø35 x 50mm
  • Terminal pitch: 10mm
  • Tolerance: -0...+20%
  • Operating temperature: -40...60°C
  • Max. forward impulse current: 162A
  • Operating current: 18.8A
  • Gross weight: 0.07 kg

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