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Mirobot WiFi Drawing Robot Kit

Mirobot WiFi Drawing Robot Kit


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  • Mirobot WiFi Drawing Robot Kit in box
  • Mirobot WiFi Drawing Robot Kit
  • Mirobot WiFi Drawing Robot Kit parts
  • Mirobot WiFi Drawing Robot Kit kit packed
  • Mirobot WiFi Drawing Robot Kit parts
  • Mirobot WiFi Drawing Robot Kit build
  • Mirobot WiFi Drawing Robot Kit drawing

Mirobot is a build-it-yourself WiFi drawing robot that teaches children about technology, programming and mathematics.

Everything you need to build your own robot is included in the kit, just add 4 x AA batteries and a felt tip! All additional features, such as line following, collision detection and sound, are included.

Mirobot has been designed to be easily assembled by children aged 7 and up (with supervision). Once built, you can connect via WiFi and use apps to program it. Mirobot is easy to control, you can take advantage of lots of different apps that can control it in different ways, either directly from your browser or from any programming language.

Mirobot is unique in how it takes a cross-curricular approach to learning. By tying together different subject areas, childrens' learning is strengthened as one subject reinforces another. Learn about the mechanics that make Mirobot move and how everything fits together. Tie in to robotics in the curriculum and learn what makes it go. Using turtle robotics to draw geometric shapes is a classic way of getting children engaged in thinking about physical mathematical problems.

It is designed to be easily disassembled so that it can be used with many different classes. It's robust, but easy to repair if it does get broken. All parts are interchangeable and can be replaced.

Note: The Mirobot is open source. The PCB design, chasis, firmware and apps are freely available. http://mirobot.io/

  • Easy to assemble kit with everything you need. Just add batteries
  • Connects to your existing WiFi devices
  • Program with drag-and-drop tools or Javascript
  • Control with apps that run in your browser
  • Collision detection and line follower robot
  • Drawing robot - add a felt tip pen to enable Mirobot to draw
  • S.T.E.M learning robot

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