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WAV Trigger

WAV Trigger


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The WAV Trigger is an audio development platform that allows you to easily add music and sound effects to your project. The WAV Trigger plays uncompressed WAV files up to 16-bit stereo 44.1kHz, the same quality as audio CDs. One significant feature is that the board has the ability to play multiple tracks at the same time, mixing up to 8 stereo tracks together on the fly. The board has an audio jack for use with headphones or speakers and a 2 pin output that can be connected to a speaker for audio output.

Tracks are played when some type of condition is met. For example, the most basic use is to connect a button between ground and a trigger. By default, when the button is pressed, the corresponding track (.WAV file) on the micro SD card to that trigger will be played. There are more advanced options that can be created with a configuration file that allows triggers to play random tracks, pause tracks, change volume amongst other operations.

In addition to using buttons and switches, sounds can be triggered by the digital outputs of microcontrollers or sensors, or by serial commands, including MIDI Note-On messages. This can allow for many interesting uses of this product and how it can react to its environment.

Check the link in the resources to keep up with the latest Firmware updates!

  • Input voltage: 6-15VDC
  • Current Consumption: 80mA idle, 120-200mA playing
  • File system: FAT16/FAT32
  • Audio out: 1/8" stereo headphone jack
  • Audio out: On-board 2W mono amplifier speaker output
  • Trigger inputs: 3.3-5V, default active low inputs with internal pull-ups
  • Serial: Full duplex, 8N1, 57.6K baud, MIDI
  • Polyphonic: Play and mix up to 8 stereo tracks independently and simultaneously

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