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Breakout Board for Ethernet Magjack

Breakout Board for Ethernet Magjack


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This is a breakout board for a RJ45 ethernet socket with magnetics and status LEDs. The board offers all signals, but offers the possibility of only connecting the bare essential signals. Signal names are clearly marked. Signal pins are on a 0.1" breadboard friendly spacing. TXC/RXC/SH/SH2 are situated away from the main row of pins, but are still on a 0.1" spacing.

Available Signals

  • TX+
  • TX-
  • TXC
  • RX+
  • RX-
  • RXC
  • LEDG+ (green LED)
  • LEDG- (green LED)
  • LEDY+ (yellow LED)
  • LEDY- (yellow LED)
  • SH (shield1)
  • SH (shield2)

Please note, this board is not supplied with pin headers.

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