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Circuit Scribe Ultimate kit complete

Circuit Scribe Ultimate Kit


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  • Circuit Scribe Ultimate kit in box
  • Circuit Scribe Ultimate kit modules
  • Circuit Scribe Ultimate kit complete

The Circuit Scribe ultimate kit contains everything you need to create dynamic and fun paper circuits. The kit features 10 magnetic connection cables let you hook up your paper circuits to programmable platforms like Arduino. (Arduino not included.) The kit includes everything from our Maker Kit plus extra LEDs, two DPDT switches, and a motor. With the Ultimate Kit, you can make complex, robust circuits while still using our accessible Circuit Scribe technology.

You can use a Circuit Scribe pen to draw lines on any simple piece of paper, then attach special electrical components (Circuit Scribe modules)on the drawn lines which allow the electrical current to run through the components. This replaces the use of breadboards and wires.

Use it on any surface a rollerball pen will write on. The Circuit Scribe pen can draw 60-200 meters depending on writing surface and speed. 60 meters is seen on absorbent surfaces similar to a napkin, and 200+ meters on photo paper. Photo paper also has other benefits: you can erase ink by scratching a trace away, and you also get the highest conductivity on this surface (<2 ohms/cm). Soldering to the ink is possible - but tricky - and greatly depends on paper/surface type and solder type.

  • 9V Battery adapter with 9V battery
  • x4 Bi-LED
  • SPST Switch
  • NPN Transistor
  • 2-Pin Adapter with 5x resistors (100, 1k, 10k, 100k and 1M ohm), 2x capacitors (0.1uF, 1.0uF), and one photoresistor (10k ohms)
  • Potentiometer – 10k ohms
  • Blinker
  • Buzzer
  • Light Sensor
  • Motor
  • x10 Connectors
  • x2 DPDT Switch

Additional items:

  • Conductive Ink Pen
  • Circuit Stencil
  • Jumper Sticker Sheet
  • Workbook
  • Steel Sheet

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