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mbed Application Shield

mbed Application Shield

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This is a peripherals shield - principally designed for mbed development boards with an Arduino form factor, it can actually be used with *any* development board with an Arduino form factor!

The shield includes an Xbee socket, a small speaker, a 3 axis accelerometer, a joystick, and LCD display and other stuff!

Because the shield has a good range of input / output devices on it, it's great for an educational environment

Code to use the shield with mbed devices is available at mbed.org

  • 128x32 Graphics LCD, SPI Interface
  • Freescale MMA76603 Axis +/1 1.5g Accelerometer,I2C Interface
  • LM75B Temperature sensor
  • 5 way Joystick
  • 2 x Potentiometers
  • RGB LED, PWM connected
  • Speaker, PWM Connected

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