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Photon Wearable Shield diagonal view

Photon Wearable Shield


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  • Photon Wearable Shield top view with specifications
  • Photon Wearable Shield diagonal view
  • Photon Wearable Shield bottom view
  • Photon Wearable Shield top view

The Photon wearable shield makes it easy to add the WiFi enabled Photon to any wearables project. Each pin on the Photon is broken out into large sewing pins, perfect for using conductive thread to make your next wearables projects. The large pins are also great for using conductive paint to create any project that needs WiFi. There are even optional smaller pins for soldering flexible wires. The Photon wearable shield comes with the headers already soldered on, so you can plug and play!

The Particle Photon is a tiny WiFi development kit for creating connected projects and products. Sporting a 120Mhz ARM Cortex M3 and built-in WiFi, the Photon is not only powerful, but easy to use. The small form factor is ideal for IoT projects with cloud-connectivity.

  • 24 Large Sewing Tabs
  • Headers and Connectors Pre-Soldered
  • Compatible with the Photon and the Core

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