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Quad Alphanumeric Display - Blue 0.54 Inch Digits w/ I2C Backpack

Quad Alphanumeric Display - Blue 0.54 Inch Digits w/ I2C Backpack


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This is a nice, bright alphanumeric display that shows letters and numbers in a beautiful blue hue. It's super bright and designed for viewing from distances up to 23 feet (7 meters) away. Digits have seven white segments on a black surface and we give you a set of two alphanumeric displays as well as a driver board so you can make a clock or a four letter word.

Like our other LED backpacks, these are end-to-end stackable and by soldering the address jumpers on the back you can have up to 8 backpacks all sharing the same two I2C wires!

This product comes with:

  • 2 x Ultra-Bright Blue Alphanumeric Display - 0.54" Digit Height for 4 digits total
  • 1 x 14-segment LED Alphanumeric Backpack
  • 1 x 5-pin header

A bit of soldering is required to attach the matrix onto the backpack but its very easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes.

This board/chip uses I2C 7-bit addresses between 0x70-0x77, selectable with jumpers.

Alphanumeric Display Dimensions:

  • 21mm x 25mm x 7mm / 0.8" x 1" x 0.3"
  • Height w/ Pins: 14mm / 0.6"
  • Weight: 4.7g

Backpack Dimensions:

  • 28mm x 51mm x 4mm / 1.1" x 2" x 0.2"
  • Weight: 5.5g

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