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Ultrasonic Range Finder LV-MaxSonar®-EZ4™

Ultrasonic Range Finder LV-MaxSonar®-EZ4™


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  • Ultrasonic Range Finder LV-MaxSonar®-EZ4™ Beam pattern

The LV-MaxSonar-EZ4 is the narrowest beam width sensor that is also the least sensitive to side objects offered in the LV-MaxSonar-EZ sensor line. The LV-MaxSonar-EZ4 is an excellent choice when only larger objects need to be detected.

This is the fantastically easy to use sensor from Maxbotix. We are extremely pleased with the size, quality, and ease of use of this little range finder. The serial interface is a bit odd (it's RS232 instead of standard TTL), but the PWM and Analog interfaces will allow any micro to listen easily enough. The sensor provides very accurate readings of 0 to 255 inches (0 to 6.45m) in 1 inch increments with little or no dead zone!

Maxbotix is offering the EZ0, EZ1, EZ2, EZ3, and EZ4 with progressively narrower beam angles allowing the sensor to match the application. Please see beam width explanation below.

Control up to 10 sensors with only two pins! Checkout the Maxbotix FAQ in the resources tab.

Note:The Maxbotix Ultrasonic Sensors are now fully CE certified.

  • 42kHz Ultrasonic sensor
  • Operates from 2.5-5.5V
  • Low 2mA supply current
  • 20Hz reading rate
  • RS232 Serial Output - 9600bps
  • Analog Output - 10mV/inch
  • PWM Output - 147uS/inch
  • Small, light weight module
Checkout Mikey Sklar's flame-based trampoline, the high-lighter, using the EZ1!

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