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EL Inverter Battery Pack diagonal view

EL Inverter Battery Pack


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  • EL Inverter Battery Pack connected
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  • EL Inverter Battery Pack diagonal view
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Even though the Tron movies have been out for a while, electroluminescence is still the coolest thing since sliced bread. The only downer is carrying around a battery pack and bulky external inverter. Good news, we’ve found a slim battery-powered inverter for your next small EL project! This little black box takes two AA batteries and has two JST connectors for your EL wire/panel/tape. There are two modes: continuous on and flashing and it even has a belt clip!

We got a chance to play with these inverters and you can easily hack these to work with our Li-Po batteries (yep, at the fully charged 4.2V). To get inside, you’ll need to remove a pair of screws (one is hiding under the CE sticker) and afterwards you’ll want to wrap things up with electrical tape to avoid getting shocked (it just tingles a little).

The following current readings were taken while the pack was connected to one or more 3m EL wire:

  • Single strand always on: 190 to 260mA
  • Single strand blinking: 90 to 120mA
  • Two strands always on: ~300mA
  • Two strands blinking: ~150mA

Different color strands were used but the lengths were identical. Your mileage may vary.

Dimensions: 20 x 34 x 90mm

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