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Bus Pirate v4


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Bus Pirate v4 is a universal bus interface that talks to electronics from a computer serial terminal. Get to know a chip without writing code. Eliminates a ton of early prototyping effort with new or unknown chips. Version 4 is the next generation Bus Pirate hardware, but it's not as stable as Bus Pirate v3. If you're just starting out with the Bus Pirate we still recommend v3 - it's cheaper, more reliable, and has all the same major features. See a Bus Pirate v4 vs v3 comparison.


1-Wire, I2C, SPI, JTAG, asynchronous serial (UART), MIDI, PC keyboard, HD44780 LCDs, and generic 2- and 3-wire libraries for custom protocols.

New in Bus Pirate v4
  • 256K program space, 4 times more flash than v3
  • Integrated, on-board USB (faster)
  • Data storage EEPROM to store settings
  • Software pull-up voltage selection: 3.3volt, 5volt, or external supply
  • 2 extra I/O pins
  • Multipurpose button
  • Bus Pirate v4 vs v3 comparison
  • USB interface, USB powered
  • 5volt tolerant pins
  • 0-6volt measurement probe
  • 1Hz-40MHz frequency measurement
  • 1kHz-4MHz pulse-width modulator, frequency generator
  • On-board multi-voltage pull-up resistors
  • On-board 3.3volt and 5volt power supplies with software reset
  • Macros for common operations
  • Bus traffic sniffers (SPI, I2C)
  • Transparent USB->serial bridge mode
  • 10Hz-1MHz low-speed logic analyzer
  • Custom support in AVRDUDE , Flashrom
  • AVR STK500 v2 programmer clone
  • Scriptable from Perl, Python, etc.
  • A bootloader for easy USB firmware updates
  • Open source (CC 0/public domain)

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