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Crimping Pliers - 28-20 AWG diagonal view

Crimping Pliers - 28-20 AWG


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  • Crimping Pliers - 28-20 AWG close up view
  • Crimping Pliers - 28-20 AWG side view
  • Crimping Pliers - 28-20 AWG diagonal view

These crimping pliers allow you to easily make your own wiring harnesses using crimp pins and cable housings. We really like the quality and sturdiness of these crimp pliers. These pliers are capable of crimping very small 0.25 - 1.5mm crimp pins and 28-20 AWG wires together. All you need to do is press the handles together with enough force and the pliers will release, once this happens you know your crimping is done! These work well with JST PH, SH, SHL, and ZH series pins.

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