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Heat Shrink Kit

Heat Shrink Kit


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Heat shrink is useful stuff. We use it for all sorts of handy projects. Use it to reinforce connections, protect devices, and electrically isolate exposed solder joints. Now this offers a wide range of sizes and colors with nothing too long. Some of the sizes come with internal heat sensitive glue which significantly increases stress relief and water proofing. This kit includes 95 pieces of heat shrink, all of varying colors and sizes, and comes in a clear bag. All pieces are 10cm in length.

Bag includes the following diameters, 5 pieces of each:

  • Black
    • 1.5/3.7/6.5/9.5mm
    • 6.5/9.5mm with glue
  • Red
    • 1.5/3.7/6.5/9.5mm
  • Green
    • 1.5/3.7/6.5/9.5mm
  • Yellow
    • 1.5/3.7mm
  • Blue
    • 1.5/3.7mm
  • Transparent
    • 6.5mm

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