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mbed Application Board

mbed Application Board


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This is a peripherals / development board for the mbed 1768 - it's made by ARM, the people behind mbed.

The application board has been designed to enable the maximum number of potential experiments and projects, with the minimum footprint.

  • 4 direction+click mini joystick
  • Speaker
  • LAN port
  • USB mini B socket
  • USB A socket
  • 2 x trip pots
  • 2 x 3.5mm audio jacks for analog in / out
  • LM7580 temp sensor
  • 2 x PWM outputs
  • MMA7660 Accelerometer
  • 128x32 LCD display
  • Zigbee / Xbee socket
  • mbed socket (of course!)
Pin Mapping
p5LCD MOSIp18Analog OUT
p6LCD RESETp19Pot1
p7LCD SCKp20Pot2
p8LCD A0p21PWM1
p11LCD nCSp22PWM2
p9Zigbee TXp23LED RED
p10Zigbee RXp24LED GREEN
p30Zigbee nRESETp26Speaker
p12Joystick DOWNp27Accel I2C SCL
p13Joystick LEFTp28Accel I2C SDA
p14Joystick CENTERAddress 0x98
p15Joystick UPp27Temp I2C SCL
p16Joystick RIGHTp28Temp I2C SCA
p17Analog INAddress 0x90

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