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MicroView - OLED Arduino Module

MicroView - OLED Arduino Module


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The MicroView is the first chip-sized Arduino compatible module that lets you see what your Arduino is thinking using a built-in OLED display. With the on-board 64x48 pixel OLED, you can use the MicroView to display sensor data, emails, pin status, and more. It also fits nicely into a breadboard to make prototyping easy. The MicroView also has a full-featured Arduino library to make programming the module easy.

If you want to learn more about the MicroView, check out the Kickstarter page.

Note: The MicroView programmer is sold separately. Check the recommended products below. Also, unlike the Kickstarter campaign, this does not come with the breadboard and USB cable. You only get the bare module.

  • Dimensions : 26mm x 26mm x 10 mm (height doesn't include pin length)
  • 64x48 Pixel OLED Display
  • ATmega328P
  • 3.3V - 16V DC Input
  • 12 Digital I/O Pins (3 PWM)
  • 6 Analog Inputs
  • Breadboard Friendly DIP Package
  • 32KB Flash Memory
  • Arduino IDE 1.0+ Compatible

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