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Power Limiter For RF Explorer - 0-3GHz

Power Limiter For RF Explorer - 0-3GHz


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The RF Explorer Power Limiter is an attenuator designed to be placed in-line with one of the RF Explorer's antennas. It will prevent the RF Explorer being damaged by levels of RF radiation higher than the input limits. The effective frequency range is 0 to 3GHz with a 50Ω impedance.

As you can see on this note all RF Explorer models have some power ranges for input signal beyond which can be damaged. For most models, the limit is on +5dBm, some others are ok up to +10dBm but only WSUB3G (as well as the RF SMA connector on the right side in a 3G Combo) is protected up to +30dBm.

The new RF Explorer Power Limiter will allow any RF Explorer model to be protected with external signals up to +30dBm (1 Watt), so you get the same level of protection as in the WSUB3G. Furthermore, the power limiter includes additional functionality inside that will otherwise require external devices increasing cost and size:

  • Power limiter:  protection up to +30dBm, for any frequency range between DC-3000Mhz
  • DC block:  You can connect any external DC source up to 16V with no risk of damaging your RF Explorer or interfering in your measurement.
  • Attenuator: Includes an internal 6dB attenuator to help you extend the range of power signal measurements. 6dB attenuation means only ¼ of the input power is received by the unit. To compensate for this extra attenuation you should indicate OffsetDB:+006 in the ATTENUATOR MENU of your RF Explorer.
  • Robust, small and low weight custom aluminum case
  • 3-in-1 device with Power Limiter, DC Block and Attenuator
  • Easy to connect and disconnect when required
  • Wide broadband frequency application
  • Directional 1 Watt rating
  • Suitable for all RF Explorer models, not required for WSUB3G.
  • Frequency range: DC ~ 3.0 GHz
  • DC block: +16V DC
  • Input Power rating: 1 Watt (+30dBm)
  • Output power max: +4 dBm.
  • Attenuation: 6 dB 
  • Impedance (Nominal): 50Ω
  • V.S.W.R (Max): 1.25 : 1
  • Connector type: SMA male – female
  • Connector:  Brass / Gold plating
  • Body: Aluminum

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