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Tinkerkit DMX Receiver - Relay diagonal view

Tinkerkit DMX Receiver - Relay


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  • Tinkerkit DMX Receiver - Relay in box
  • Tinkerkit DMX Receiver - Relay bottom view
  • Tinkerkit DMX Receiver - Relay top view
  • Tinkerkit DMX Receiver - Relay diagonal view

The DMX Relay Receiver is a DMX module that mounts four relays; they can be individually controlled using a DMX master like TinkerKit!'s DMX Master Shield. It requires 12V and each relay supports up to 220V at 10A. A single master can control up to 512 receivers individually (128 of these boards for example) sequentially connected.

The DMX Relay Receiver works also as a standalone USB board; in fact it mounts a micro-usb connector and the same microcontroller as the Arduino Leonardo.

Arduino TinkerKit simplifies electronic prototyping by providing a wide variety of sensors and actuators on orange-coloured boards and hooked up to the Arduino through the Sensor Shield and three-pin cables. A signal amplifier helps to stabilize the cable signals, ensuring clean data from the sensors even over long distances (1 to 5m). Arduino TinkerKit is intended for school teaching and museum exhibitions, allowing the setup of ad hoc interactive environments without using a soldering iron or breadboard.

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