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Breakout Board for SD-MMC Cards

Breakout Board for SD-MMC Cards


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With SD and MMC memory prices dropping, the time is right for mass storage and datalogging. This breakout board will allow you to breakout the SD/MMC socket to a standard .1" 10-pin header. Perfect for breadboarding and the likes. Board comes fully assembled and tested as shown.

The board has 11 pins:

  • COM : Common - Connects to the housing
  • WP : Write Protect Detect Switch
  • CD : Card Detect Switch
  • P9 : Not used in SPI Mode (Pin 9 on SD Card)
  • IRQ : Not used in SPI mode (Pin 8 on SD Card)
  • DO : Serial Data Out
  • GND : Ground - Connect this to COM to ground the housing
  • CLK : Serial Clock
  • VCC : 3.3V Power
  • DI : Serial Data In
  • CS : Chip Select

It is recommended that you connect the COM pin to GND if you plan to use the CD or WP pins.

Dimensions: 1.3x1.5"

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