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Defusable Clock Kit v2

Defusable Clock Kit v2


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This is version 2 of the defusable clock kit.

The Defusable Clock kit is an electronics kit that lets you build a scary looking clock that you can actually "defuse". Only the electronics are included -- you use your imagination to build the device you want! You can get ideas from the gallery of defusable clocks.

The Defusable Clock is a fully-functional alarm clock just like you’d expect (a normal beeping alarm, snooze alarm, etc.). But at any time you can press the big red button to start a scary countdown sequence exactly like bombs in Hollywood movies.

  • Do not take this device assembled into stupid places, ie airports or other security conscious areas. Yes, *we* know it's a kit, others may not.
  • You need to solder to assemble this kit. We sell a soldering kit if you need one.
  • The kit contains everything you need apart from a power supply (9V DC with 2.1mm center-positive plug)

There are 4 wires across the top of the clock. You have 10 seconds to choose the correct wire to cut: one wire stops the countdown and saves the day, two have no effect, and one will “detonate” the device immediately. These role of each wire is randomly assigned when the detonate button is pressed, so it’s a new challenge every time.

Also, the wires are attached with screw terminals, so you can replace them easily. If you don’t want to actually cut the wires, you can just pull them out of the screw terminals if you keep the screws a little loose.

See full product details and detailed assembly instructions.

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