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Make a Mind-Controlled Arduino Robot - Use Your Brain as a Remote book cover

Make a Mind-Controlled Arduino Robot - Use Your Brain as a Remote


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  • Make a Mind-Controlled Arduino Robot - Use Your Brain as a Remote book cover

Build a robot that responds to electrical activity in your brain—it’s easy and fun. If you’re familiar with Arduino and have basic mechanical building skills, this book will show you how to construct a robot that plays sounds, blinks lights, and reacts to signals from an affordable electroencephalography (EEG) headband. Concentrate and the robot will move. Focus more and it will go faster. Let your mind wander and the robot will slow down.

You’ll find complete instructions for building a simple robot chassis with servos, wheels, sensors, LEDs, and a speaker. You also get the code to program the Arduino microcontroller to receive wireless signals from the EEG. Your robot will astound anyone who wears the EEG headband.

This book will help you:

  • Connect an inexpensive EEG device to Arduino
  • Build a robot platform on wheels
  • Calculate a percentage value from a potentiometer reading
  • Mix colors with an RGB LED
  • Play tones with a piezo speaker
  • Write a program that makes the robot avoid boundaries
  • Create simple movement routines

About the Author

Tero Karvinen

Tero Karvinen teaches Linux and embedded systems in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, where his work has also included curriculum development and research in wireless networking. He previously worked as a CEO of a small advertisement agency. Tero's education includes a Masters of Science in Economics. View Tero Karvinen's full profile page.

Kimmo Karvinen

Kimmo Karvinen works as a CTO in hardware manufacturer that specializes in integrated AV and security systems. Before that he worked as a marketing communications project leader and as a creative director and partner in advertisement agency. Kimmo's education includes a Masters of Art. View Kimmo Karvinen's full profile page.

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